Is Rome the New ‘Occupy Wall Street’ ? – New Guido George Lombardi Commentary


Is Rome the New ‘Occupy Wall Street’ ?

Guido George Lombardi - Executive Director of The North Atlantic League

By Guido George Lombardi –

On Saturday in Rome crowds of violent demonstreators clashed with police and destroyed life and property. ‘BURN the banks and the shops’. That is the code words of the so-called protesters that have caused havoc in the Italian Capital city of Rome this evening.

This is what the radical left wants, they call it a revolution.  But this is really a “class struggle,” a civil conflict, a chaotic time when illegals roams your streets, criminals cross our borders and set up shops in the cities and towns, a political, economic and social clash that will supposedly eradicate the “old establishment” and set up a dictatorship of the proletariat.

Old folks like me remember this communist language, but the new generations are living it in their colleges, in the streets, even at work, and certainly we all witness it in the media. Is this what we want?

Europe is a good example of what we do NOT want in this nation: we do not need a socialist system, not in health care, not in foreign politics, not in the economy. We need unity and harmony; we need good Judeo-Christian values and principles.  We need inspired people to lead by example.  We need what made this nation great: liberty with responsibility, freedom and justice, tolerance under the law, just law and order, a strong military to defend our borders and our traditions, and open dialogue with those who shares our values and rules.

As an American citizen I am concerned over the anti Wall Street sentiments and the hate regurgitated by those who attend those protests. They started in Wisconsin, remember ? And soon they will come to a street near you.
As a son of Italy, I would like to share all the knowledge and experience that we have gained in Europe, and in particular in Italy, concerning the tactics and strategies of the extreme left. They are repeating the same scenario here in the USA.
If we continue to be vigilant and brave we will overcome. If not … it will take just more time and more suffering, but freedom, truth and justice will always win in the end.

Guido George Lombardi is an international political & business consultant, specializing in Italy, the United States, and Israel.  His most recent book The Value Matrix 2.0 (released Feb. 2011) has garnered high praise from the likes of Donald J. Trump and Daniel Abraham.  Mr. Lombardi is currently available to speak to universities, community groups, strategic studies groups, and business conferences throughout the United States. For more information please visit .



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