What’s Wrong with the Justice System in Italy – Amanda Knox Commentary

What’s Wrong with the Justice System in Italy – Amanda Knox Commentary

Guido George Lombardi - Executive Director of The North Atlantic League

By Guido George Lombardi, Executive Director of the North Atlantic League

A few hours after the sentence of the Court of Appeal of Perugia, Amanda Knox is on her way to her home in Seattle, and yet we ask: how could this happen? How could someone be accused of murder and kept in prison for 4 long years and then found innocent?

Let’s start from the fact that most of the evidence was circumstantial.  The case was built upon two young people without an alibi, just each other’s word, traces of DNA badly kept and found in a room were Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito were both the night before and the day they themselves found the murdered friend.

But the real problem is the Italian justice system: old, decrepit, a mix of ancient laws going back to the Spanish Inquisition and modern legislation written by contemporary men and women with a sense of justice, but sometimes without the strength to erase the past.

This is the core of the problem: the Italian Congress and its legislators can make new laws, but have a hard time erasing centuries of rules and legal traditions. When you add the fact that even if the present conservative Government is working hard to change the judiciary system, the opposition, the former Communist and Socialist in Congress and in the Senate, and a segment of the judges, block any advance, any small attempt at reform.

It is a all-out war, conducted in the media and  in the courts as well as in the halls of Congress. Prime Minister Berlusconi is constantly attacked by hordes of prosecutors obsessed with making a name for themselves, bogus witnesses try to extort “monetary damages” from a political leader that continues to receive over 60-65% of the approval of the public.

Why? Because most Italians know the truth about fake accusations, about a radical left that would do anything to return to power, about bias media (we know them also in the USA), about a system of justice that needs serious review and reform.

Maybe if the Italian justice system had some common sense reforms, Amanda Knox would not have spent over 4 years in prison for a crime that legally she was found not to commit.

Guido George Lombardi is an international political & business consultant, specializing in Italy, the United States, and Israel.  His most recent book The Value Matrix 2.0 (released Feb. 2011) has garnered high praise from the likes of Donald J. Trump and Daniel Abraham.  Mr. Lombardi is currently available to speak to universities, community groups, strategic studies groups, and business conferences throughout the United States. For more information please visit http://www.guidolombardi.org .



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2 responses to “What’s Wrong with the Justice System in Italy – Amanda Knox Commentary

  1. Leigh Anne

    I hope Amanda Knox does not go back to Italy to face retrial. she will never come home. I used to always want to visit Italy. Now, I will never step foot in that country.

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