Computer-programmed Obama speech

Computer-programmed Obama speech  
By Guido George Lombardi

May 8th 2011, is the 66th  anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. The day Nazi-Germany signed its surrender. While we see great celebration in the United Kingdom, our British allies are struggling with hyper immigration (mostly Islamic), and deep political and social confusion. 
In the USA Mr. Obama sounds like a nationalist, but  is he ?

Or does he just repeat the “right” words people like to hear ?

Obama continues to use his brainwashing techniques in his public speaking. In a recent editorial in the Financial Times magazine, Gillian Tett asks: “Why this nation fixation?” When Obama announced from the White Hose, the death of Usama Bin Laden, he declared that: “the event of 9/11 was an attack to the ‘nation’ … and that forced ‘the nation’ to pull together. – Later he added that – last week’s events rallied ‘the nation’ once again but in celebration”. Let’s just say that Obama used the word ‘nation’ innumerable times, not because of some nationalistic pride, I would rather believe the opposite is true: that this Administration favors globalization and the usual socialistic utopia of one world without borders (that’s why ALL leftists and socialists the world over favor illegal immigration), but because the “computer-generated” speech he did read was programmed to reach the deep sense of national pride that the American audience felt in that particular moment. And that is why you will hardly see Mr. Obama speak without a teleprompter.

Is it political science-fiction?

No. Let me clarify that when I use the term “computer-programmed” speech I am not necessarily referring to a PC or other software program, I use the term to create controversy, but also to indicate that most of Mr. Obama’s speeches are well prepared for maximum emotional impact, are quite often targeted to the target audience and to that specific time (in fact Mr. Obama did flip-flop often and completely reversed his positions in many occasions, as clearly outlined by Glenn Beck in many of his telecasts), and almost always in line with Marxist ideology, strategy and tactics.

While powerful nationalistic rhetoric can fill the hearts and minds of the casual listener, a more careful study of Mr. Obama and of most people appointed by this administration show without any doubt that their common ideological trend is not nationalistic but the contrary. The union bosses are inciting (part of) the working class against conservative governors, the radical socialist media is stressing the “class struggle,” ultra-liberal education autocrats are trying to teach our youth to disregard our most fundamental principles and values (how many high school students can quote at least some parts of the Constitution) and dismiss our Judeo-Christian tradition and civilization, in favor of a multicultural, socialist world.
America is under attack and we must be able to see right through the sweet words and the luring lies we are fed by today’s puppet masters. Only truth and common sense can deliver us from disaster. We do not need or want revolutions or conflicts, we can win by just standing up for what we know is right, speak out and loud all that we believe in, trusting in God as if all depended on Him, and working very hard for our communities, for our children, for our environment, for our NATION as if all depended on us.

Guido George Lombardi is an international political & business consultant, specializing in Italy, the United States, and Israel.  His most recent book The Value Matrix 2.0 (released Feb. 2011) has garnered high praise from the likes of Donald J. Trump and Daniel Abraham.  Mr. Lombardi is currently available to speak to universities, community groups, strategic studies groups, and business conferences throughout the United States. For more information please visit .

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