Donald Trump Proves There’s Weakness in the White House

Donald Trump Proves There’s Weakness in the White House

By Guido George Lombardi

Today’s out of proportion response from the White House shows that something is wrong in the Oval Office.

While Donald Trump was speaking in New Hampshire, about the economy, unfair competition from China, and amongst other things also Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, most TV stations interrupted their programming for an important message from the Oval Office.

Something like 9-11? Something about debt ceiling? Or about Libya??? No.  Mr. Obama wanted to remind everyone that he already presented a certificate of live birth and that Mr. Trump should talk about other, more important things.


But what about the Oval Office? Isn’t the position of the President of the US such a high office that he should be concerned with national policy and national security matters and not be concerned with what some businessman (not yet a presidential candidate) is talking about on TV.

This latest outburst from Mr. Obama himself shows that the man is losing his sense of reality, or at least a sense of what is politically correct and/or wise to do in a Presidential race.

I know Mr. Trump and I believe he should continue with his common sense approach, and his layman speaking style.  Trump is now venting the frustration that has become omnipresent in our society, and he is demanding more guts from the opposition and less politics as usual.

For all his limitations regarding politically correctness, Trump is making up with street wise, no-nonsense, and popular aspirations.



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2 responses to “Donald Trump Proves There’s Weakness in the White House

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  2. Jayne Laux

    If Trump would have found something he would have proclaimed himself a hero. Now that he has found nothing he proclaims himself a hero. No matter what the narcissistic Trump would proclaim himself a hero- what an ass hole!!!!!!!!!!!

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