Truth, Unity, & What It Means for Israel and Europe

Truth, Unity, & What It Means for Israel and Europe

By Guido George Lombardi

Today we are witnessing a rapid deterioration of our Nation’s economic, moral and spiritual fiber. Corruption in high places always brings down a nation and even an empire. As a student of Ancient Rome I know. Western Civilization and the USA is on the edge of CIVIL collapse if we do not start to clean up the House and the Senate, following up with Wall Street, the media and the Justice system.

In Europe the leftist (socialist) movements and their distorted views and corrupt agendas, the same that we are seeing more and more here in the USA (thanks also to the courage of people like Glenn Beck, Rush, Bill, and a host of other Radio show hosts across this great and beautiful land), have brought untold problems: economic stagnation, social unrest, division and confusion. The biggest one remains the most critical: widespread (by the millions) illegal immigration, and the consequent distortion in the popular vote.

And that is what the liberals and the radical left, now united with Islamic fundamentalists, are bringing down on us today, from Washington DC to Madison, Wisconsin.

In Italy the conservative coalition has repeatedly defeated the left-wing coalitions, the Italian economy is in better shape than most in Europe, and some of Italy’s best conservatives can help us identify the weak points of socialist agendas and their dis-information tactics.

Another historical ally of the US, Israel and its wonderful people can help us understand and defeat islamic fundamentalism, sharing their courage and deep love of God and humanity, that same Love that is the core of the Christian message.

The key to the Middle-east conflict is to be found in a broader question: Are Israelis and Palestinians, and Israel and other Islamic nations ready for a conflict-ending agreement? And if not, is there anything Washington can do about it? Every side continues to give speeches, but no solutions.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, recently invited to speak to the US Congress, in Washington DC, by the Republican majority, is going to pre-empt the United States with his own plan; President Barack Obama is considering pre-empting the prime minister with his own; and the Palestinians (backed by a substantial number of muslim States in the UN), are planning to counter with their own U.N. demands on statehood. The result: chaos. And that’s what few of the parties involved want, because they thrive out of chaos and confusion, hidden from view they can carry on corrupt plans. We can defeat evil by standing up and speaking out, telling the truth, explaining the facts, demanding that everyone spells out its objectives and goals, and when someone declares that their goal is the destruction of the State of Israel, or the destruction of Western Civilization, or the killing of Jews or “crusaders,” well, then we should take action and isolate the threat, politically, diplomatically and, if needed, militarily; but it is in the ideological sphere, in the propaganda and dis-information war that we must overcome, overcome with the power of our principles, our values, our ideals of freedom, equality and justice (so wonderfully well expressed in our Constitution and Declaration).

If it is true that in unity there is strength, then it is Truth and unity that makes us invincible.

Guido George Lombardi is an international political & business consultant, specializing in Italy, the United States, and Israel.  His most recent book The Value Matrix 2.0 (released Feb. 2011) has garnered high praise from the likes of Donald J. Trump and Daniel Abraham.  Mr. Lombardi is currently available to speak to universities, community groups, strategic studies groups, and business conferences throughout the United States. For more information please visit .


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